"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."


Proverbs 27:17

Behind every successful educational journey at School Alive is a dedicated and passionate team. Dive into the stories and experiences of the individuals who bring "Authentic HAMSTER Education" to life. From diverse backgrounds and unique talents, our team members unite under a shared vision: to guide and inspire every student towards their God-given purpose. Get to know the faces and hearts that drive School Alive forward.

Dr. Graham Pierce Lyon



Dr. Graham Pierce Lyon is a dedicated Christian, Husband, Father, Patriot, Eagle Scout, Triple Major, National Teaching Fellow, and Educationist. His commitment to education is evidenced by extensive informal education and a doctoral-level formal education including a Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY Buffalo in 2015 followed by a Master’s Degree in 2017 and a Doctor’s Degree in 2023 from Purdue University. Dr. Lyon grew up in Elmira, New York, attending Holy Family Catholic Schools followed by Elmira Free Academy where he earned an Advanced Regents Diploma and the MVP award as the varsity swim team captain. During his time at SUNY Buffalo, he was an Advanced Honors Scholar and completed a Triple Major in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with a minor in Teacher Education. Dr. Lyon earned an award for excellence in undergraduate research and scholarship for his work within the Physics Department that focused on high-temperature superconductivity. He also earned awards for academic excellence in chemistry with high distinction and in physics with high honors. Dr. Lyon was the lead tutor at the Academic Resource Center (ARC) and dedicated significant time to the Buffalo school system through his involvement with the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Partnership. His passion for teaching extended beyond the classroom, as he served as a teacher and coach at the Michael Phelps Swim School along with teaching for summer bridge programs geared for disadvantaged students. His academic and teaching excellence was further recognized through his selection to deliver a graduation speech at the University Honors College, being featured in a university video titled “More Than A Major,” and his acceptance into a prestigious National Teaching Fellowship, supporting his studies at Purdue University.


After moving to Indiana in 2015 for his STEM Goes Rural specialized Master’s Program, Dr. Lyon taught at Seeger Memorial Junior-Senior High School in Warren County followed by Tri-County Jr./Sr. High School in Wolcott, Indiana. There, he taught physics, chemistry, geometry, calculus, among other courses, enriching students’ lives with his knowledge and passion for STEM. In the Fall of 2019, he returned for his Doctor’s Degree at Purdue University, continuing to make significant contributions to the educational community by working for the College of Engineering through the Engineering Projects In Community Service (EPICS) program in the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering, the College of Science through the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and the College of Education through the Department of Curriculum and Instruction as well as the Center for Advancing the Teaching and Learning of STEM (CATALYST) and the Gifted Education Research and Resource Institute (GER2I). His doctoral dissertation research focused on measuring authentic learning within Purdue University’s EPICS program, exemplifying the power of authentic education initiatives to build 21st-century skills through real-world experiences. Dr. Lyon earned the 2023 Sidney Marsh Moon Teacher Award for content area expertise, motivating leadership, and exemplary teaching. He also graduated from the School of Kingdom Ministry and was invited to speak on the world stage as an Outstanding Leadership Award Honoree at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, for the 2024 Education 2.0 Conference focused on uniting changemakers to revolutionize education.


As an educator at Purdue University and the Founder and President at School Alive, Dr. Lyon has consistently advocated for a transformative approach to learning. Under his guidance, School Alive has emerged as an exemplar of authentic education that reimagines education at the community level, collaborating with home and church to nurture Christlike character and foster lifelong learning. Rooted in Christian values, the institution emphasizes holistic education, focusing on character, virtue, and individual purpose. Stemming from Dr. Lyon’s spiritual revelation in 2020, School Alive addresses modern education’s inherent challenges with vision and innovation. Implementing Dr. Lyon’s “Authentic HAMSTER Education” framework, School Alive moves beyond STEM, STEAM, and STREAM to seamlessly blend Healthcare, Art, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Religion, providing students with comprehensive and faith-grounded education. Amidst changing educational landscapes, Dr. Lyon’s revolutionary vision for School Alive remains steadfast, molding future leaders anchored in liberty, truth, and heritage while igniting their individual passions.

Mr. Robert Lee Mendenhall III

Healthcare Teacher


Mr. Robert Lee Mendenhall III, after graduating from a small rural high school in Pennsylvania, made a commitment to serve his country by joining the Marine Corps. His honorable four-year service included three combat deployments to Afghanistan. During this time, Rob was distinguished by his bravery and commitment, earning several prestigious accolades including the Purple Heart for injuries sustained in the line of duty. His other commendations included meritorious and combat meritorious promotions, being named team leader of the quarter, and receiving the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with combat valor. In his leadership roles, Rob oversaw and mentored numerous Marines, providing them with invaluable guidance and support. His military training included completing the Combat Lifesaver and DMOC live tissue medical courses.

Following his service in the Marines, Rob pursued further education at Ivy Tech, embarking on a path to become a paramedic. Simultaneously, he ventured into entrepreneurship, aiming to empower others with skills for self-reliance and protection, spearheading operations at The Forge Training Center - IKMF. His journey led him to become a certified Krav Maga instructor with the International Krav Maga Federation, and he soon rose to the position of State Director for Indiana. Krav Maga, known for its practical approach to self-defense, became a key part of his teaching repertoire since 2015. Additionally, Rob trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay Thai kickboxing, and boxing, teaching students ranging in age from 4 to 81.

Rob's instructional expertise extends well beyond military and martial arts training. He has experience as a professional teacher and currently homeschools his children. Rob has worked with local schools to provide instruction in medical training, self-defense, survival skills, and other life-saving techniques. The Lord has blessed Rob with the ability to teach and he uses that gift to impart knowledge in self-defense, exercise, nutrition, and much more. He is passionate about educating future generations in maintaining healthy lifestyles and sharing the Love of Christ.

Mrs. Naomi Talitha Armendariz

Art Teacher


Mrs. Naomi Talitha Armendariz’s eclectic upbringing, educational experiences, and commitment to serving God with all her talents make her uniquely capable of teaching the plethora of subjects that fall under the title “Art.” Although she grew up in the countryside of the Deep South, most of Naomi’s adult life was spent in Toronto, Ontario, Canada: the world’s most cosmopolitan city. Besides spending 17 years alongside her husband as missionaries to Spanish-speaking refugees, Naomi has also worked as a private school teacher, a librarian, an immigration and medical interpreter and document translator, a crisis pregnancy counselor, piano and violin teacher, voice instructor, and seminary professor. For the last six years she has served as the Children’s and Music Director for the Spanish church her husband pastors in Lafayette, Indiana. God fulfilled His Word in Psalm 68:6a by placing four wonderful children in the care of her and her husband.

Early in life, Naomi was profoundly impressed by the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:13-30). She found that the more she used her talents, the more God gave her. As a child, Naomi learned to play the piano, organ, viola, violin, and recorder. Later in life, she composed original worship songs that won singing competitions. A voracious reader and imaginative writer, Naomi has written articles for online magazines and is currently publishing her first book. Her photography has won competitions, been included in galleries, and featured in Getty Images.

However, Naomi’s greatest passion is teaching, bolstered by her studies in English Language and Literature with a degree in Elementary Education. Her experience as an online ESL teacher to Chinese students reaffirmed her certainty that music bridges all barriers in language and learning while her work as a private school teacher and homeschool mom has made her adept at instructing multiple subjects to different age groups. Naomi also speaks at conferences and teaches Christian apologetics courses. Her goal is to help children discover their God-given talents and learn the joy of using those talents to their fullest for the praise of His glory.

Mathematics Teacher

Mrs. Christine Leann Peercy

Science Teacher


Mrs. Christine Leann Peercy was born in Lafayette, Indiana, in 1989, and developed a strong passion for the sciences during her high school years at Harrison High School, where she excelled in honors and AP courses like Chemistry II, Honors English, and AP French. This early interest in science led her to pursue higher education in Biotechnology, where she earned two degrees with honors, graduating in 2014 and receiving the Dean’s Award for Biotechnology.

With a decade of experience in the biotechnology sector, Christine has worked across various industries, including food, medical devices, and agriculture, gaining significant laboratory experience. Her roles have equipped her with a vast array of technical skills and a dedication to quality assurance. Christine’s commitment to education extended beyond her professional work as she also mentored biotechnology students.

Christine’s life is deeply rooted in her faith and family. She received Christ in 2007 and got involved with a local church youth group where she met her husband, Micah. Together, they have been actively involved in their local church, where they volunteer and contribute to various church activities, including slide presentations, sound, and offering messages. Christine regularly attends corporate prayer to pray for the country and its leadership and has been a part of Vacation Bible School (VBS). They also enjoy hiking and visiting state parks with their two young boys, Asher and Oakley. One of Christine’s favorite family vacations was their recent trip to the Creation Museum, reflecting her love for both science and faith.

Mr. Scott Rudolph Krafft

Technology Teacher


Mr. Scott Rudolph Krafft’s educational journey is a testament to his lifelong commitment to learning and technology. From his early days in grammar school, Scott has been immersed in private Catholic education, fostering a strong foundation in both faith and academics. His technical skills surfaced early; at the age of 12, he began honing his expertise in rebuilding and repairing computers and other devices. His academic prowess was further recognized at Marist High School in Chicago, Illinois, where he earned a place in the National Honor Society and actively volunteered to tutor his peers. Graduating with honors in 2020, Scott's scholastic achievements led him to Saint Xavier University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.


Saint Xavier University marked a pivotal point in Scott’s path, where he uncovered his vocational calling. Encouraged by a professor, he delved into the world of teaching through part-time tutoring on campus. His role expanded to assisting professors in both English and Computer Science departments over three semesters. This experience was enriched by his personal endeavors in setting up online gaming servers, 3D modeling, and networking. Initially considering a different career path, the satisfaction he found in guiding students' learning and witnessing their success redefined his professional goals. It was during this time that Scott discerned his calling in teaching as aligned with God's plan for him. Excelling in his studies, he graduated magna cum laude in 2023, completing his degree a year ahead of schedule.


Post-graduation, Scott relocated to Indiana, quickly establishing himself as a go-to resource for technological assistance within the local community. His expertise extends beyond the realm of technology; he is also deeply passionate about history, geography, and philosophy. Scott’s approach to teaching is centered on empowering students to build confidence and discover their own path, inspired by the transformative impact his professor had on him. As technology increasingly weaves into the fabric of our daily lives, Scott is dedicated to preparing students for this evolving landscape, guiding them to find their own calling in a technologically integrated world.

Engineering Teacher

Mr. Jose Eliseo Hernandez

Religion Teacher


Mr. Jose Eliseo Hernandez’s academic education and military experience set him apart to teach and minister to younger generations in Christian citizenship and biblical worldview. Born and raised in El Salvador, Eliseo migrated with his family in 2007 searching for more opportunities. After becoming an American citizen, he desired to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.


Initially in the Marine Corps Reserves for a few years, Eliseo transferred to the Army Reserves where he was commissioned as a Chemical Officer with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical & Theological Studies from Biola University. He has spent over 8 years leading youth ministries in two Christian churches, navigating diverse and complex environments. Eliseo is currently completing a Master of Divinity degree at Faith Bible Seminary while continuing to serve in the Army Reserves as a Logistics Officer.


Passionate about teaching and mentoring, Eliseo enjoys studying all spiritual subjects. His scholarly interests span Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology, Christian Philosophy, Geography, Counseling, and biblical languages including Greek and Hebrew, and more. Eliseo strives to nurture a profound personal connection with God through his teachings, fostering a comprehensive understanding of faith and service that inspires and enriches.